The Reposition Framework

The Framework empowers individuals to heal and activate their voices as they

  • Reposition towards the next best version of their life.
  • Use their story as a Blueprint to build a life of purpose

You Are Bigger!

You are bigger than your stories, trauma, trials, tribulations. Using the Reposition Framework, to empower our clients to shift from existing in fragments of their lives towards merging all the pieces of their lives into God's master piece. Over the my past 20 years of working in the field, I have researched and used this framework to shift individuals towards a life of purpose. The key components of this  framework are as follows:

  1. Individual therapy or coaching.
  2. Journal writing as a tool to empower clients to heal,  activate their voices as their write and share their story,
  3. I Am Bigger Curriculum designed to help individuals to develop a Blue Print for their lives as they Dream Bigger, Plan Bigger and Live Bigger.  
  4. The power of Groups as a means for support, accountability and leadership.
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The I Am Bigger Curriculum

The I Am Bigger Curriculum is one of the key features of the  Reposition Framework. The goal of this curriculum is to take our clients through the following stages of Restore, Expand and Manifest as they shift towards a life of purpose. Clients are assessed into one of the following stages based on their current needs and goals. Within each stage clients are able to address their immediate needs and develop an I Am Bigger Blueprint for their lives in the following areas: Mental Health, Physical Health and Wellness, Self Care, Finances, Relationships, Spiritual Walk, Career/Education/Jobs, Service and Purpose.  Stages are highlighted below:



What are your needs? The goal for this stage are as follows: 

Physical, mental, and emotional  healing

Identifying the source of personal pain/ pressure

Impact- Emotional Paralysis

The Shift-Choosing Life

Develop an I Am Bigger Blue Print for the next month to six-months


Are you ready to build and expand your life? The goals for this stage are as follows:

Developing strategies towards repositioning and expanding.

Enhancing relationships

Breakthrough journey to Wholeness

Rebirth-Rewriting their Narrative

Developing an I Am Bigger Blue Print  for the next six months to five years.


Are you ready to Live a Life of Purpose?  The goals for this stage are as follows:

Exploring opportunities - Develop an I Am Bigger Blueprint for the next 10 years. 

Develop and Expand your purpose driven platform. 

Write and publish  your Story.

Making a difference in the lives of others

Are You Ready to Expand Your Platform?

Are you ready to create an impact?

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