The Life Changer Center’s licensed staff include clinical social workers, professional counselors, and other professional therapists. We also retain outstanding psychiatrists and psychoanalysts as consultants and supervisors.

The Life Changer Center deeply understands that emotional pain can be every bit as devastating to our lives as physical pain. Hand in hand, we walk with you toward sorting through life’s challenges, healing the pain, coaching you to the next level, and creating a life that feels satisfying and holds the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Our staff respects your decision to partner with a counselor to solve problems, address difficult situations, and feel better. Here, you will never be judged or disrespected. Rather, we honor the opportunity to assist you every step of the way; we respect your privacy, and with warmth and understanding, we provide emotional space for you to feel safe and secure as you share your challenges and work toward a more satisfying life.

General Anxiety- Social Anxiety- Depression-Grief and Loss- Trauma-Self- Esteem
Life Transitions (adjustment to college, job loss, marriage, divorce, etc.)
Distress during Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period
Parenting Concerns - Relationships
Career Issues- Stress Management- Perfectionism


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The Life Changer Center is a  Counseling and Life Empowerment Center that empowers individuals to heal as they rewrite their narrative towards restoration and expansion.

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