The DreamBig College

A subsidiary of the Life Changers' Network that empowers youth to radiate their greatness, activate their voices and make a difference within their communities. The DreamBig College comprise of the following I Am Girls Project and the I Am Leadership Academy

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, which provides a platform for self-discovery, leadership development and service learning.


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DreamBig Anthology 2020

This anthology is a must read. The  52 plus co-authors reflect on themes as leadership, girl power, and the many ways they can make an impact in their community.

Join us at the book launch and order your copy of the book on the link below. 


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I Am Girls' Project

The mission of the I Am Girl Project, is to partner with organizations to develop and empower Girls as they discover their Girl Power Gems; heal and activate their voices to create impact within their communities.


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The I Am Leadership Academy

The  I Am Project is made up of an 8 - 12 week- curriculum designed to empower youth to write and reflect on the greatness that lies within them and the Impact they can make on within their families and community.  

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Teen Support Groups

A  support group for teens to process, discuss and explore strategies and coping skills as they navigate life. Students will engage in journal and reflective writings during these sessions. 

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Learn More about the Dream Big Program

Email us [email protected] to see which youth program fits your student's needs!


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