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Although anxiety and depression occur in both genders, by the time girls reach teenage years, they are much more at risk than boys. According to the Child Mind Institute, by mid-adolescence girls are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with a mood disorder as compared to boys. The DreamBIG College wants to partner with you as you develop confident and positive young ladies.

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The I AM Girl Project

The mission of the I Am Girl Project, is to partner with organizations to develop and empower Girls as they discover their Girl Power Gems; heal and activate their voices to create impact within their communities.


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, which provides a platform for self- discovery, leadership development and service learning. To compliment our curriculum are the following features to support our Girls and their families as they navigate through the I Am Girl Project.

Book Project

All participants in the I Am Girls' Project will have the opportunity to be co-authors either in the annual DreamBig or their program's Book Project .

Parent Workshops

We also support parents through our  workshops to enhance their parenting techniques as they develop into healthy and confident girls.


Individual and group counseling services are also available for our girls and their families from our staff of clinicians. Insurance and private pay are accepted.

The  2020 DreamBig Anthology

This anthology is a must read. The  60  co-authors are all girls between the ages of 11-18 years of age.  These girls write and reflect on themes such as leadership, girl power, and the many ways they can make an impact in their community.

Join us on December 10, 2020 for the launch of the Girl Power Movement and 2020 DreamBig  Anthology.

Use the link below to RSVP to attend the launch and order your copy of the book.  

Join us at the Book Launch


We envision developing a global community of confident girls who are ready to be tomorrows' leaders. Therefore we are seeking to collaborate with schools, community organizations, churches and business to achieve this goal. Let's begin the conversation today and explore how we can customize this program to your environment.


We are also ready to partner with parents and families as they raise and develop young ladies. Through our counseling services we offer parent workshops, individual and group therapy for the parents and families. Parents, how can we support and empower the girls in your families? Let' begin the conversation today.

Let's Partner Together

Let's begin the conversation today.

The DreamBIG College

The DreamBIG College, is a subsidiary of the Life Changers' Network. It's founder, Dr. Jackie Evans Phillips is on a mission to empower and develop youth to activate their voices, heal and create impact within their communities. 

Dr. Jackie has a Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership and Masters in Clinical Psychology. She has more than 27 years of combined experience working in the fields of Education, Counseling, Human Services and Youth Development. To learn more, visit our website: or contact Dr. Jackie:  [email protected] 

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