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You Are God's Diamond

Hello, it's Miosotys Santiago, the Founder of Exemplify to Edify. I am excited to present my Memoir, God's Diamond. It's finally done. Journey with me as you read this book to discover how God has been using several personal experiences to mold me into the woman I am today. I persevered each challenge that came my way while the hands of God were chipping away at my broken heart, causing my inner light to radiate. You are also a Diamond in the rough being transformed into your diamond. Surrender to the process, have faith, and witness the glory of God in your life.


Meet Mio

Miosotys Santiago is the founder and CEO of Exemplify to Edify LLC, a Women’s Empowerment organization that was founded in January 2019. She is an inspirational speaker and her mission statement is “Your Pain Becomes Your Purpose”. Miosotys is a survivor of child molestation, teen rape, attempted teen suicide, teen pregnancy, and she was a teen who had to endure the incarceration of her mother when she was nineteen years old. She is also a survivor of Domestic Violence and a survivor of the attacks on the World Trade Center in September 2001. She hosts teen, and Women self-care workshops for self-development and discovering deep talents that may be hidden underneath the surface of fear, shame, or self- rejection through writing (Vision Boards). Learn more about Mio journey into being God's Diamond by ordering your book today!

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You are God's Diamond

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