The Girl Power Movement

The Girl Power Movement is on a mission to reduce anxiety and depression among teen girls by empowering them to discover and activate their voices to become Ambassadors for Change. This movement is made up of three pillars: Mental Health, Social Justice and Authorship. To accomplish these goals, teen girls will participate in the Girl Power Circle or/and the I Am Girl Project.

The Girl Power Circle

A teen support community which creates safe spaces for teen girls to: Discover and Activate their voices as they develop a deeper sense of self. Teen girls will: (a) Develop positive coping strategies to navigate life challenges. (b) Amplify their voices to create an impact within their communities. (c) Become a co-author in our Book Project. Join the movement today as an individual.


I Am Girls' Project

The I Am Girls: Ambassadors for Change Project is designed for teen girls between the ages of 12-18 years. This social and emotional program is designed for schools and community organizations. It is based on a Social Change Model is made of the following three pillars, Social Justice, Mental Health and Authorship. Girls will engage in a curriculum which promotes the values of promotes the values of social justice, equality, leadership development, self-knowledge, empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service to the community.

Social Justice

 Using the youth participatory Action research  curriculum, teens will Identify and research need within their community. Based on their findings make recommendations to stake holders.

Mental Health

Girls will discover and activate their voices as they develop a deeper sense of self. In addition they will develop positive coping strategies to navigate life challenges. Individual Therapy is available as needed. 


At the end of this journey, students will be able to compile their writing, research and learnings into a published anthology book giving them the opportunity to be co-authors.

Highlights of Summer 2021

During our Summer Academy, the girls in the Girl Power Movement engaged in a social justice project focusing on the themes of Body Shaming and Bullying over the internet. They conducted a pilot with 50 girls researching their perceptions using surveys and pile sorting methodologies.


Join the Movement

The DreamBig College invites you to join the Girl Power Movement as an individual or as an organization. As an individual nominate a Girl today for the Girl Power Circle Community. As an organization let's begin the conversation about brining the movement to your school. Or become an Ambassador of the DreamBig College. Let's begin the conversation today.


We are seeking to collaborate with schools, community organizations, churches and business to support and empower their students and clients. Let's begin the conversation of starting a chapter within your community.


We are ready to partner with parents and families as they raise and develop young ladies.  Parents, how can we support and empower the girls in your families? Let' begin the conversation today. Sign up a teen girl today.


We are seeking to partner with 100 Friends, companies and foundations as we seek scholarships for our teen girls to be part of this movement. Become an  Ambassador of the Organization today.

Let's Partner Together

Let's begin the conversation today.

The DreamBIG College

The DreamBIG College has been operating as one of the many programs of The Life Changers Center since 2016. As of February 2021 we received our official 501 (c) 3 organization designation. During that span over 300 girls have activated their voices as Change Makers, being a voice of change for their peers through their three published books and social media campaigns.  We have also extended our services to the Caribbean. We are looking to continue building our program nationally and globally in the coming year. 

It's Executive Director,  Dr. Jackie Evans Phillips is on a mission to empower and develop youth to activate their voices, heal and create impact within their communities. She has a Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership and Masters in Clinical Psychology. She has more than 27 years of combined experience working in the fields of Education, Counseling, Human Services and Youth Development. To learn more, visit our website: or email 

 [email protected] 

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